Commodore Computing

Commodore computers had a strong presence in my area while I was growing up. I had access to Commodore PET computers when they first came out. My first computer was a VIC-20, which I soon outgrew and replaced with a C64. I really liked the 80-column CBM computers and picked up an unwanted one with a dual disk drive. Then after the 64C computers with GEOS were introduced, I purchased one of them with a mouse and RAM expander.

I really wanted to get a C128 and was saving up to buy one when the Amiga 500 was introduced. I knew all about the Amiga 1000, but it was out of my price range. I jumped at the chance to get the affordable Amiga 500 complete with an amazing color dot-matrix printer. Now, many years later I finally own both the Amiga 1000 and C128 computers.