Coins aren't the only popular collectible. Antique toys, vintage postcards, stamps, books, old magazines, salt & pepper shakers, and many other old items can be valuable. What's in your attic?

  • Your collectable items can be worth money. See what they're worth before trashing them.
  • Collect what your passionate about and stick to it.
  • Don’t try to time the market by investing on the basis of current fads or what you think will be the next hot item.
  • Collecting empty perfume & cologne bottles are also a profitable investment.
  • Ever thought about collecting maps? Borders have changed throughout the years; the older the better the sale!
  • Hot Wheels are favorites of many antique collectors and still profitable. Do you collect & sell them?
  • Signed author copies of books are awesome items for collectors to sell. Browse your local used bookstore for some & then resell.
  • Collect for the long haul; not short term hot ticket items. What's hot today may be cold tomorrow.

Valuable Antiques And Collectibles